You Are Responsible for What You Weigh

The real life, truly successful methods of losing weight are usually the most simple and uncomplicated ones mainly because they're easiest to follow and understand. We're only human and not all blessed with the intelligence of Einstein so putting really complicated strategies for reducing body mass in front of us is just asking for trouble!

weight loss responsibilitySo here we are at the stage where we are top of the food chain but still not mentally advanced enough to stop ourselves eating too much and not getting enough exercise! You can ask why that is until the cows come home, but you're not going to get an answer that you like.

So let's not go there and instead stick our collective craniums in the sand and wait for some boffin to come up with the magic pill that will make it all go away.

Great strategy! You might be dead before that happens, so in the meantime, you'd better start taking responsibility for your own body and start doing the things you know deep down in side you really must do in order to lose some of that excess flab.

There lies the first hurdle you must get over if you are going to stand any chance of not only losing weight, but keeping it off once you've lost it and maintaining a healthy body size for the rest of your life.

Take Responsibility

So many of us prefer to defer responsibility for our actions to someone or something else and this is having a destructive influence on the way we live our lives. You can see it all around you when you look. Take the car driver who hits a tree. Straight away, it's the tree's fault for being in the way! The driver rear ends another car and it's the other car driver's fault for stopping!

You get the idea. Same goes for our health. The obese person will find a reason for their obesity but it will never be their fault. No, it will be an illness, or metabolism defect, or gland trouble, or a parent who feeds them too much and on and on ad infinitum!

Are these really the reasons for that person's obesity? No they are not. There is only one reason a person gets overweight and it's because they eat too much. Once you can start taking responsibility for your actions, you empower yourself to fix the problems you and only you have caused yourself.

The car driver must take the blame for hitting the tree because it was in his power to avoid it but he failed to do so. Likewise, the obese person must take the blame for the state of their body because it was in their power to avoid eating so much and getting some daily exercise but they failed to do so.

When you whine and whinge that you have a problem, it's up to you to do something about it. By taking responsibility for your actions, you can turn things around to your favour. This requires an alteration in your attitude and you need to get positive about your health.

Be Positive

When you get into a positive frame of mind, you give yourself a lot of power to do the things that you know, deep down inside, you are capable of doing to bring about the change that you desire. When you feel positive, you feel good and when you feel good you feel like you want to do things.

When you want to lose weight and feel positive about your ability to take action and make it happen, the results can be truly magical, especially if you've never been in a position of power like this before.

Suddenly, getting out of bed a little earlier in the morning in order to go out for a morning walk or a run feels great and you take pride in your new found desire to get fitter. You begin to look at food differently and are suddenly much more strong willed when it comes to saying no to junk food and calorie laden desserts. Then you can set yourself on the road to health and fitness from which will follow the weight loss that you desire.

Take the Right Approach

By going about thing in the right way, you can bring about the change you have always wanted but never believed you could achieve. When you approach weight loss not head on by trying yet another fad diet or advertised plan, but by concentrating on your health first, you can achieve much more.

That is because you are not stressing over trying to lose weight, but are instead concentrating on improving your health. Weight loss is a natural by-product of getting fit and healthy, so your emphasis shifts away from the losing of the weight and towards the improving of the health!

These may not be the kind of tips or strategies you expected to read about when you found this page, but they are valid and true all the same. They are meant to give you the guidance you require to set yourself on the road to success by understanding what you must do before you every take that first mouthful of your new diet or that first step of your new exercise program.

When you are truly ready to get healthy, then you are ready to lose weight.

That's probably one of the best and most simple weight loss tips you're ever likely to get!

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