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The process of losing weight for many consists of a fixed set of instructions that will lead to the weight being lost. This, in its most basic form is the right way to go about losing that weight, but it is not necessarily for everyone.

weight lossSome people find it very difficult to follow a set in rules and tend to lose interest quickly when placed in a situation where they must conform to a rule book. For these people, there are alternatives that can help them and they don't have to lie within the bounds of an instruction set that may create the impression of being restricted in any way, while still providing he means to achieve their goal.

These are what are commonly referred to as tips and tools or tricks, cheats, sidesteps etc. These alternative ways of reducing weight are of course not really what is commonly thought of as cheating, but they get the name because they seem like short cuts that are designed to miss out the rule book while still getting the desired results.

In this article that introduces the category of weight loss, we look at some of the better known tricks, or tools that can be used to great effect by those to whom the rulebook is an alien entity to be avoided at all cost!

Exercise Tricks

Exercising is something that athletic people do and enjoy. However, most people that exercise tend to put out a face that belies any form of enjoyment and more often than not portrays an image of pain and tortuous overexertion.

Of course, this is not really the case, except in some instances, but for the most part exercise is enjoyable and creates a sense of achievement when certain targets are reached or exceeded. It often takes that extra effort to exceed targets and that is usually reflected in a face that looks like the person is indeed in a lot of pain, whereas that is just exertion.

But for the exercise-shy person who wants to lose weight and get fit, there are alternatives to extreme workouts that are just as beneficial and a lot more fun to do.

Important: If you have not done any exercise for a while, you should always start slowly, doing a little more each day until you have worked your way up to the necessary timings and levels of exertion. If in doubt about the state of your health, always consult your doctor.

Walking for Weight Loss

The first and most obvious is walking. Walking at an elevated pace is good exercise as long as it is maintained for longer than 20 minutes or so because this is the time it takes to deplete the blood sugar levels to the point where the body is forced to replace them.

It does this by taking material from its store of fat, in fat cells and processing that fat back into burnable sugars. Any exercise will do this as long as sufficient sustained exertion is maintained. In other words, you need to walk fast enough to get your heart rate up, breathing and sweating harder than you would just walking normally.

Swimming for Weight Loss

Swimming is another great form of exercise that tones up all the muscles in the body and will help you burn fat if, as with walking, you keep it up for long enough at each session. It is also a lot of fun. At least it can be made that way by joining some friends for a slightly competitive swim or race to see who can do the most lengths the quickest or something similar.

Of course, you should never try to over stretch yourself when you first star swimming or you could find yourself in trouble with cramped or damaged muscles.

Dancing for Weight Loss

That's right, dancing for a continuous length of time is every bit as beneficial as walking or running because it takes quite a lot of effort to dance, especially to up beat music. Why do you think those aerobics classes always seem to be done to that awful pounding beat belonging to music that belongs at a 1980s rave?

You can dance to a variety of fast rhythms, with the Latino rhythms being very popular these days because they really get your body moving!

Diet Tricks

There are plenty of diet tricks that you can make good use of to lose weight easily without it feeling like you are restricting yourself too much. The main slant should be on eating a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of fresh foods and cutting out all the junk, processed and snack foods as well as cutting out soda and juices.

Water to Boost Diet

Drinking lots of plain water throughout the day is fast becoming a very well known dieting trick, because it fills you up and is very useful for making a meal seem more filling than it really is when you drink a glass or two just before eating. Water also quenches thirst better than anything else, despite what you may believe.

Not only that, but often when you think you are hungry and want a snack, your body is tricking you and you are really just thirsty and a glass of water can relieve the temptation to grab a high calorie snack.

Fruit as a Diet Snack

Apples, pears, peaches, apricots etc are all very good replacement snacks for packs of potato chips, cookies, candy bars or cakes! While fruit does contain calories, ounce for ounce they contain fewer than other snacks

And they are also healthy in that hey contain lots of dietary fiber, which not only helps keep your colon in good shape, it makes you feel fuller for longer.

Breakfast Boosts Your Diet

You should always eat a decent breakfast every day. The reason for this is that it stimulates your metabolism and gives it the jump start it needs to carry on throughout the day.

Skipping breakfast is a bad idea because it makes your metabolism sluggish and you will not digest food you eat later as efficiently, which usually means you will be storing more fat. Better to eat a good breakfast of oats or oatmeal, wholemeal toast, fresh fruit, low fat yoghurt and a cup of coffee is allowed because the caffeine will also stimulate your metabolism!

Okay, that's plenty for you to be getting on with and this article is already getting very long in the tooth. I have added further articles on this subject below so take a look at the list to see what we have for you! You can get more information from a trusted government source here: Healthy Weight - it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle!

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