Super Size Meals Lead to Obesity

If there is one factor that is instrumental in helping obesity figures to rise out of control it is the fast food restaurants and their continual drive to make more money off the backs of their unwitting customers. The practice of super-sizing meals is just another step further down the road to claiming more overweight victims while cheerfully relieving them of even more of their money.

Bigger Profits from Bigger People

These increased sales figures and additional profit are made possible for the fast food restaurant franchises because consumers are easily taken in by clever marketing. In this case, they are duped into believing that because they are getting much more for their money, they are getting better value by buying the super-size version of their regular meal. While in one sense this is actually true, it is no less deceitful because it tempts people to eat and drink far more than they actually need to.

Not only that, but when people buy a meal in a fast food restaurant, they rarely leave any thanks to the psychological trap of thinking they must eat and drink it all because they paid for it!

Excessive Calorie Intake

The sinister side effect of doing this on a regular basis, as many families often do, is that the huge excess in calories consumed turns to even more visceral fat that has to be stored around the body. This in turn brings about more weight gain and eventually leads to obesity and morbid obesity.

A lot of the problem lies not so much in the actual food that makes up the meal, but the super-size soda and/or milkshake that comes as an integral part of it and adds to the consumers' feeling of added value.

These mammoth drinks pack in hundreds of empty calories derived from refined sugar in the form of sucrose or high fructose corn syrup, both of which have been recently researched and found to be responsible for the high level of visceral fat deposits in obese people.

This leads to all manner of health problems associated with being overweight and having a high percentage of body fat. Diabetes, heart disease, strokes, hypertension and even cancer are side effects of a body overloaded with visceral fat.


The only sure way to prevent this from happening is in avoiding eating at fast food restaurants as much as possible and being mindful of portion size when eating anywhere. It also means being very selective of what your drink and how much of it, avoiding all sugar-laden beverages as well as those sweetened with artificial sweeteners such as aspartame because of the links with cancer and certain psychoses.

The sensible consumer doesn't allow themselves to get overweight because they have educated themselves in the dangers of eating certain foods and drinking certain drinks and they heed their own knowledge. That's not to say that the obese are not sensible, but they are simply being taken in by clever marketing and not stopping to reason why they want to eat and drink so much unhealthy stuff.

Further Reading

If you want to get a better understanding of this topic, you can read a fuller, in-depth discussion on the relationship between super sizing and obesity in this no nonsense article. The bottom line is that no one is ever forced to eat more than they actually need to eat. If you remember that next time you feel tempted to buy a super-size meal at a fast food restaurant, you might be similarly tempted to exercise your power of will and turn around and walk the other way.

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