Obesity Surgery

The various types of obesity surgery are a collection of serious medical procedures whereby different types of procedure are performed on an overweight or obese patient in order to help them lose dangerous amounts of weight. This type of surgery is often looked upon as a last resort when all else has failed to prevent a patient from literally eating themselves to death.

This lazy weight loss article takes an overview look at the several forms of this treatment that are available to obese and grossly overweight patients who seem incapable of losing weight by themselves.

The first thing you have to remember about obesity surgery formats is that each one carries with it an element of danger. In severe cases, the patient can die from complications or their own actions causing the procedure to fail under extreme pressure.

Here are some of the variants of that are currently available and are featured in more depth below.

Stomach Stapling

Here is a procedure where the patient, under general anasthetic has a section of their stomach pinned together effectively reducing its physical size and capacity for holding food. When complete, the patient is unable to eat large meals and is physically restricted to small portions that will effectively make them physically full. This drastically reduces calorie intake which leads to rapid weight loss.

Stomach Stapling is a medical procedure whereby the stomach of an overweight person is surgically reduced in size by literally stapling it together to reduce its physical size, often to less than a quarter of its original size. Lets look at how this drastic surgical procedure works to help a lazy person to lose weight, or more importantly, as the surgery is really for, to help obese people to lose weight fast in order to preserve their health or even to save their life.

This is a treatment that should not be taken lightly. Its main purpose is to potentially save the life of a grossly overweight person who may die if their weight is not drastically checked. However, an increasing number of people who are not in any mortal danger from their weight are looking at this particular treatment as an alternative to what they perceive as a tough to follow and stick to weight loss program.

Basically, stomach stapling is viewed as a lazy person's way to lose weight without them having to do anything themselves. From their perspective, weight loss programs, diets, exercise regimes and the like are all far too much like hard work. In contrast, what they see as a simple procedure can rid them of the excess weight while they sit in front of the TV and carry on eating crap. Just not so much of it because they get full too fast!

While this might sound like a great idea, especially for someone looking for a truly lazy person's exercise routine, or a lazy person's way to weight loss, in actual fact it is rather more serious. The procedure comes with plenty of dangers, not least of those being that the staples can tear away and the stomach could rupture, if the patient tries to over-eat or drink a lot of liquid on top of moisture retentive foods such as rice, which swell up in the stomach.

This is life threatening, because the patient can bleed to death internally before they realize anything is wrong. Other problems include the possibility of internal infection, scarring of the stomach walls from stretching, blockages in the digestive tract which can all lead to a hasty return to hospital and further corrective surgery.

At the end of the day, any surgery comes with a risk. If you are not prepared to take that risk, leave this one for those that truly need it because their life may depend upon it. There are other lazy ways to lose weight that are not so drastic, although they are also not so quick to see results.

Gastric Banding

Gastric banding is a procedure that works along the same principles as stomach stapling, except in this case, instead of surgically inserted staples to reduce the size of the stomach, a flexible band surrounds the stomach having a similar effect.

Each of these surgical procedures can have quite amazing results in achieving drastic and sustained weight loss in the majority of patients. However, there are dangers that can result in further hospitalization and corrective surgery, or even death from any one of the many things that can go wrong.

This is a decision that cannot be taken lightly and counselling may be required in some patients. Always heed the advice of medical professionals before going down any one of these roads.

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