The Importance of Exercise

Most people leading a sedentary lifestyle won't like to hear that exercise is vitally important to their health, but that is the inescapable truth! Being alive and healthy but doing nothing is not enough because it has to be worked at

To put things into context here, we live in these wonderfully engineered bodies that are so finely tuned that they can perform a myriad of tasks over and over again while requiring only a tiny amount of fuel to do them. In short, we have at our disposal one of the most fuel efficient biological machines in existence and all they need to keep running in peak condition is to be given the right fuel and enough of it, while keeping it maintained with regular exercise.

Why is Exercise So Important?

the importance of exercisingExercise is so important to the well running and health of our bodies for a number of reasons. The main one being that by doing sufficient physical work every day, we not only burn the fuel we put into it without needing to store it, but we also keep our muscles in peak condition and able to continue working and exercising for all of our lives.

The stronger our muscles, the more work they are able to carry out, the heavier loads they are able to move and the longer they are able to do it for. Strong, fit muscles need more fuel to work than weak, emancipated muscles. So generally, strong fit people are slim, trim and healthy, whereas lazy, unfit people are flabby, fat and unhealthy.

Metabolic Maintenance

Exercising is also important for maintaining a healthy metabolism, and this is one of the aspects of weight loss and dieting that gets people's attention most when we talk about exercising. Metabolism is tied in with the action of exercising whereby generally the more you workout, the more potent your metabolism in terms of the efficiency with which your body burns the fuel that you consume.

When your metabolism is working at peak efficiency, you are in equilibrium where you are burning exactly the same number of calories as you consume. This means you will neither gain nor lose weight and this is a place you should aim to be in constantly.

When it comes to losing weight, you of course need to ramp up your metabolism to burn more calories than you consume. This requires that your exercising has reached a level where you are working hard enough for your muscles to be demanding more fuel than your body is obtaining through the food your eat.

Then, the energy comes from your body's store of fat in order for your muscles to maintain the work load.

Aerobic Exercising Rocks!

This is why regular, cardio-vascular exercise is a vitally important part of your daily health program as it creates a snowball effect where your muscles grow through the exercises you put them through. As they grow, they demand more energy which your body must supply from the food you eat and when that is depleted, from your body's fat store.

The knock on effect is that your muscles grow, forcing your metabolism to be elevated to maintain their ability to work at your level you have achieved.

Even though diet is still the main way the majority of overweight people try to lose weight, combining it with exercise is by far the more potent force for attaining that state. Make some energetic physical activity a part of your daily life and you won't need to waste time, money and effort on expensive, popular diet plans.

Instead you will only need to eat healthily, while your body does what it was designed to do in order to maintain a healthy weight, shape and physical makeup. For more information on the importance of physical exercise, here is a useful resource: "Why Is Physical Activity Important?."

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