Swimming to Keep Fit

Another great form of exercise that most people are able to do once they learn how to, of course, is swimming. Now that doesn't mean going to the local pool and splashing around for a while then going for a pizza! It does involve some plan of action that means sticking to a routine of some sort.

But the beauty of going for a swim is that you get to choose your own method and as long as it is done for long enough and makes you feel like you have pushed yourself just that little bit harder each time, then you will achieve a better looking body that is fitter, healthier and of course slimmer!

Swimming with a Purpose

swimming to fitnessThere are several types of swimming stroke that you can incorporate into your own routine. But it is usually recommended that you alternate strokes to work all of your body's muscles as well as keeping the interest going by including some variety into your aquatic exercises.

Swimming with a purpose means that when you are doing each length of the pool, you do so with a determination that it will not be your last length and that you will try to do another one more. You really get into it in a way that shows anyone looking that you mean business.

It means pushing yourself that bit harder to achieve more each time you swim in terms of the number of pool lengths that you can do as well as the speed at which you do them.

While it's not critical to time your lengths, it helps to give you a reference that you can use to improve. The whole point of improving is to gain more stamina and strength which builds muscle strength and density.

This has the knock on effect of forcing your body to burn more calories in order to feed those muscles and as they get stronger and more dense, they require more fuel to keep working, leading to a greater calorie burn over time.

Varying the Swimming Stroke

By varying your swimming stroke every few lengths, you switch the load onto different muscle groups. This enables the ones you were just pushing hard to rest while forcing others to take up the load.

This is what makes taking a swim a complete exercise form in itself. That's because it works all the major muscle groups in your body and builds their strength, stamina and more importantly from a weight loss and slimming perspective, their mass and density.

More massive and stronger muscles burn more fuel and that equates to greater calorie burning from your chosen water-based exercises. It also means that during sleep, which is when your muscles repair and grow; those muscles are continuing to use energy which means you literally lose weight in your sleep!

The Beauty of Swimming

The other great thing about this form of fitness exercise is that it's not all hard work, sweat and boring repetition. You get to choose the variation in your exercises but also you can wind down afterwards with a leisurely fun swim that you can really enjoy.

When you go to the pool with some friends who are also keen to exercise and lose weight, you also get to work together to give each other support and inspiration while being able to enjoy the fun aspect following the serious part all together.

Swimming can become a great social activity that greatly benefits your health, while leading you towards that great looking, slim and fit body that you desire most. And you can have it while achieving the reduction in weight along with the slimmer and leaner body that is part of the reason for doing it by doing an activity that you can do as often as you wish, that you can really enjoy and have a lot of fun with too.

So grab your swimsuit and head for the nearest pool. Dive in and enjoy yourself as you work your way fitter, leaner and into that feeling great place that is so great to be in!

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