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There are plenty of ways in which a person can improve their health and fitness levels, but one of the easiest in terms of exercise must be by using a stepper machine. These simple, compact and easy to use kinds of exercise equipment make the process of improving overall fitness levels a real breeze.

Boost Fitness with a Stepper

They work not only the legs, but also the torso and arms with cable extensions and so it in a way that is just about as easy as it can be. This is done by emulating the way a person walks up a flight of steps by creating resistance for each step and allowing the exerciser to keep going for as long as they want to.

exercising on a stepper machineThe exercise itself can be a little repetitive, but that can be changed into a fun workout by putting on some upbeat music that you like and working out to the beat. This enables you to work out for longer as the time will seem to go quicker when you listen to a collection of songs that you particularly like.

While there are many other ways in which you can boost your fitness levels using different kinds of home equipment or even just doing freestyle exercises without equipment, such as running on the spot, press-ups, sit-ups, squat thrusts etc, using a stepper is a pretty easy way to increase fitness and strength. So if you haven't already tried this form of exercise, then now would be a really good time to go ahead and do it!

Using a Stepper Machine

Of all the many home based exercise machines that you can get for improving your workout rate and boosting your exercise program, the stepper machine surely must rank among the easiest to use and the most beneficial in terms of aerobic exercise performance. For anyone who needs to lose weight and wants to boost their chances of success by including some exercises into their own strategy, then this kind of machine can certainly be invaluable.

There are several types of step machines that perform a similar function and that is to mimic the action of climbing stairs in a stepping motion. This is done by the user simply placing their feet upon the foot pads of the machine and stepping up and down.

The in-built resistance of the machine then forces your leg muscles to work hard in order to keep you going. The benefit of this is that it creates an aerobic exercise that is highly beneficial as an addition to your fitness and weight loss exercise program.

The longer you keep up the exercise for, the more calories you will burn which leads to more weight lost over time.

Adding Interest

You can make the exercise more interesting by putting on some headphones and listening to your favorite music as you step along to the rhythm. It is usually a good idea to choose an upbeat style of music to get you stepping a little faster and gaining even more benefit from the exercise. Alternatively, you could position the machine so that you can watch a fitness DVD on your television and workout to that.

It can be very motivational to workout in tandem to an instructor in this way and will increase the length of time you can keep going for and of course increase the benefit further.

This is an excellent way to not only lose weight but to firm up the muscles in your legs, backside and torso as all these muscles get worked by the action of stepping. Some steppers incorporate a twist action which is better for firming up your tummy muscles, while others incorporate ski-pole handles so you can work your arms at the same time.

The machine itself takes up almost no room in your exercise area, making it an excellent choice for small areas, or just to set up in a bedroom or garage. They are also relatively inexpensive to buy, making them the perfect home exercise equipment for all these great reasons.

Losing Weight with a Stepper

If you have ever tried to lose weight but gave up before you saw any real results because the exercise routine you were doing was too tough or demanding, then it may be worth considering getting a stepper machine. That's because these great little exercisers are perfect for anyone who needs to lose some weight but has trouble with other forms of exercise.

There are many different types of stepper machines, but the basic ones are merely small devices that sit on the floor taking up very little room and all you do is stand on the foot rests and, well, step! The stepping action works most of the same muscles as you would when you climb the stairs, except it's not so strenuous.

In fact, you can boost fitness with a stepper by staying on the machine, stepping away for longer than you may have thought possible, especially when you do it to some lively music to distract you from the actual work. But the result is a boost to your body's metabolism and the burning of more energy.

Burn More Calories

This burning of additional energy when combined with a low calorie, high protein diet can result in a negative calorie balance, which is desirable for those wanting to lose weight while toning up their leg and torso muscles. Of course, the longer you can keep up the exercise, the more benefit you will gain in this area.

After around 20 minutes or so, you will be forcing the body to burn fat to provide your muscles with sufficient energy to continue. This is extremely desirable from an energy expenditure point of view (see: Energy expenditure with indoor exercise machines for more info).

At the end of the day, this is a relatively easy exercise to do. Try it, as they basic machines are inexpensive and are easy to use.

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