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The moment you learn about the Medifast diet program, you're going to want to try it out for yourself. You can lose weight easily and this review will show you how it is not only possible but totally doable on this program, so it is well worth your while taking notice!

medifast diet reviewWith working hours seeming to get longer and free leisure time becoming ever more of a luxury that fewer people are able to enjoy, losing weight has had to take a back seat for many people even though the very job they are doing is doubtless contributing to their overweight status. People need a simple diet solution that they can incorporate into their busy days that doesn't eat into what scant leisure time they have.

One such simple, convenient and time saving solution comes from a diet company called Medifast.

The Solution

There are several diet food delivery companies providing convenient low calorie meal programs that involve all your food being delivered to your home to save you time and effort in having to go to the store to buy food and then to prepare and cook it yourself. Medifast also provides this service and it makes the process of losing weight much more doable for busy working people.

Many Medifast reviews provide useful information on how the meal plans work and what is actually involved for the dieter in using the program to its best advantage. This article will endeavor to fulfil these criteria as well as provide some additional information for your convenience.

What is Medifast?

First of all, this is a weight loss company that provides ready to go diet meals for people who need to lose weight but do not have the time to put into a conventional diet. The dieter can choose between a variety of different meal plans available on the official Medifast website and then further customize the menu to suit their own needs, preferences and tastes.

The order is then packaged up and shipped to the home of the dieter, where they start the diet after unpacking everything and storing the food in a suitable place (some in a cool pantry some in a fridge and some in a freezer).

How Does Medifast Work?

The program works by providing you with several small meals that you eat throughout the day. Meals are calorie and portion controlled so you eat the correct amount at each sitting.

Eating little and often is known to cause the body's metabolism to increase in efficiency so the food is processed more efficiently and also cause the body to burn stored fat to make up the shortfall in energy provided by the meals. The net result is weight loss.

What Are the Diet Plans?

There are several plans designed to meet the specific needs of different groups. So women will have slightly different menu to men, seniors will be different to younger people. There are plans specifically designed for vegetarians, diabetics, those with certain food allergies etc. The full plan descriptions can be found on their website.

One common theme running through all the plans is that there are several small meals to be eaten throughout the day to ensure that hunger is not a problem and to boost metabolism and fat burning.

How Much Does Medifast Cost?

The cost of each meal plan is slightly different and it would be inappropriate to publish current prices in this article as it is not meant for regular update and therefore as process change they will be out of date and inaccurate. To give you a ballpark figure, you should expect to pay around $11 a day over the full term of the diet (cost approximation for the year 2019) although this can vary depending on individual customization of the menus.

In any case, this makes the program very cost effective when you consider what you normally spend on all your food per day over a period of several weeks. Many people spend more than that on their daily breakfast, so it really can work out quite inexpensive to get on this diet and start losing weight in what has to be one of the simplest and most convenient ways of dieting currently on sale.

Medifast and Exercise

Working toward the goal of creating the body size and shape you want to own takes more than just a change of diet alone. It also takes some effort from exercising as often as you can so that your muscles tone up and give your physique that slender, lithe look that you see all the best looking celebrities showing off for magazines and on TV.

The type of exercising you do will depend on what you are capable of physically, but as long as you work on your whole body and don't just focus on one area, you will have some great results over time. It doesn't even need to be overly strenuous workouts either.

You can choose the way you get yourself fit to suit your needs and capabilities. If that means doing yoga or taking up a sedate martial art or if it means running or working out in a gym, it has to be what you want to do the way you want to do it before it will work.

Common Questions

There are lots of questions that people ask about this dieting program. Here are some of the more common ones:

Is there any connection between Medifast and hair loss?

There is no proven connection between the two. Hair loss is mostly caused by genetic traits although there are some diseases as well as stress that can cause premature hair loss. In some cases, a very poor diet has been known to result in some hair loss although it is usually restored when the food the dieter eats becomes more nutritious.

Since the Medifast diet programs all provide for highly nutritious meals, this is not believed to have any connection with the loss of hair.

Are Medifast and diabetes linked?

There is no known link between the onset of diabetes and eating a diet provided by Medifast. Where diabetes is present, it is usually the result of a longer term poor diet that preceded the commencement of this particular dieting program.

Is the food provided by Medifast and gas related in any way?

Some people will experience flatulence (gas) when eating a new diet or foods that they are not used to eating. This is quite natural and just the body's way of dealing with foods it is not used to.

Is there a link between Medifast and constipation?

People get constipated for a number of different reasons, but one of the most common of them is dehydration through not drinking enough water each day. Of course eating a diet almost devoid of dietary fiber can also lead to this condition, but this is not a problem on this particular program since the meals are balanced with sufficient proteins, carbs, fats and fiber included for good a health.

Can alcohol and Medifast meals be combined?

The diet does not recommend that you drink any alcoholic drinks while you are on the program. This is for several reasons, one of them being that your natural resistance to eating high calorie snacks is reduced when you ingest alcohol which would negate the beneficial low calorie meals you are eating and halt the weight loss process.

Ketosis and Medifast

The process of ketosis occurs when a low calorie diet is followed for several days which cause the body's store of fat to release their free fatty acids. These are then converted into an energy source in the liver, called ketones.

When the body is in the ketosis state, it is what is commonly called "burning fat" for energy which causes a rapid reduction in body weight as the fat stores are depleted. This is a highly desirable state for dieters as it also preserves muscle tissue while body weight is reduced through the reduction in fat levels.

You can expect your body to begin ketosis after three to four days on this diet and as long as you maintain it and don't eat any foods that are not allowed, you can lose several pounds in weight initially without any harm being done to your body.

If you have any more questions for me about this program under review here, please feel free to shoot me an email using the address on the "contact" page. If you are interested in learning more about this diet and signing up, you can click the handy advertisement below to visit the official website of the programm:

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